siargao dogs

Siargao’s Canines

Hundreds of dogs roaming around Siargao’s roads and shorelines may be mistaken as strays, but they can’t really be called as such. ‘Free’ might be a more fitting description. With the ocean as their pool, they’re free to bathe day in and day out. They seem happy to go about their daily business, welcoming every tourist they encounter.

Well-fed and often well-groomed, they are easy to describe as friendly or approachable. With a few clicks of the tongue, most will readily approach you and ask to be petted. Others have a different approach: they calmly put their heads on your lap, staying still and waiting for you to feed them. Trust me, it always works.

At night, they transform into guards, angrily barking at the dark shadows on the shore.

Seems like all’s good in this dog haven.

Bonus: we found some kitties, too.

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