Dubai Safari Desert

Dubai Desert Safari

‘Marhaba, keef halek?’ is the standard local greeting in Dubai, meaning ‘hello, how are you?’. If they were to ask me that after the bumpy 4×4 ride in the desert safari, I probably would have just smiled and laughed at how nerve-wracking, yet fun it was.

Onboard a land cruiser, we endured a 10-minute journey up and down the sand dunes. Everyone was all smiles and laughs, not bothered by anything, just enjoying the bumpy ride.

Once we arrived at the camp, it felt magical. I had never seen a place so yellow, although it wasn’t too warm to be disliked. It was pre-summer when we visited, and the weather was just perfect.

I saw a camel and rode one to experience what it feels like, similar to what they do in the books I’ve read.

We ended the night with a performance by fire and belly dancers. Sitting cross-legged around tables on the sand, with brightly colored woven rugs underneath us, we enjoyed the hearty local delicacies and drinks prepared by the locals.

Just as the sun went down, the stars appeared above us. It was a perfect scene to end the day.

Dubai Safari Desert Dubai Safari Desert Dubai Safari Desert Dubai Safari Desert



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