edinburgh castle

Edinburgh Castle

Sitting on a volcanic cliff above the city, Edinburgh Castle looks magical on its own. Set foot around its courtyards, closes, and stairs. Unearth stories in every corner. Relive a journey through a thousand years of beautiful yet painful Scottish history.

Come here early enough to catch the One O’clock Gun. Roam around the castle. Relax a while. Wait for the sky to turn into pink then visualize about the life of previous inhabitants of the castle. Amid sweet pastel coloured sky are the depressing stories enveloping the fort. Secrets, betrayals, deaths. One story called “The Black Dinner of 1440” involving the then 10-year-old King James II was said to be the inspiration for the TV series, Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding episode.

The castle is beaming with gloomy undertones in each cobblestone you’ll step at. But when you look up, a beautiful sky line greets you with hope.

During winter, the open space in the entrance is free for everyone to explore. In the summer, Edinburgh Castle’s Esplanade transforms into a one of a kind concert venue.

Fun tidbit: Also situated inside is St. Margaret’s Chapel Guild whose members are all named Margaret.

Edinburgh castleEdinburgh castle

Edinburgh castle Edinburgh castle

Edinburgh castle

Edinburgh castle edinburgh castleedinburgh castleedinburgh castleedinburgh castleedinburgh castleedinburgh castle



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