Ruins Bacolod

The Ruins of Bacolod

Nestled amid rows of sugar canes in Silay, Bacolod is a mansion that was able to withstand days of inferno and lived to tell two tales about its past: one of love and the other, of war.

The Ruins of Bacolod served as the mansion In the early 1900’s to a Spanish-Filipino baron named Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson and his Portuguese wife, Maria Braga. Filled with the finest decorative items and furniture from abroad, the mansion was said to be the largest and grandest residential structure in the area at the time.

When World War II came, there’s news that the Japanese will turn the mansion into their headquarters, something that Don Mariano doesn’t approve of. In response, he commanded to have the mansion burned down, other accounts are saying that he did it himself.

Facing west, it showcase a beautiful sunset spot. During this time, you will see the structure “sparkle” since it was constructed using cement mixed with egg yolk. Enjoy a meal or grab some drinks at the mini cafe located on the side of the mansion.

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How to Get There

From Silay Ariport, take a jeepney going to Silay Proper, travel time is approximately 20 mins.

From from Silay Proper catch a Jeepney going to Talisay city, travel time is approximately 10-15 mins. Drop by Rose Lawn, and rent a Tricycle/Pedicab going to the Ruins or if you want, you could also negotiate a trike from Silay Proper.


Entrance Fee:

Adult (Php 95);
Students & Sr. Citizens (Php 40);
Children below 8 yrs. old (Php 20)


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