mckinley west park jogging taguig

Mckinley West Park

In a city like Taguig, where towering buildings are seen in the horizon, one will also be granted with spots for nature leisure, perfect for sitting around, some food trucks to explore, and a park with no chairs, no tables, just a path filled with circles.

Mckinley West Park sits out just outside Mckinley Hill; a familiar scenery when traversing Lawton Avenue. We spend our afternoons jogging here — no pollution, no crowd; it’ll be just you, the nature, some rising buildings, and some cars passing by.

Drop by during summer and see the grass brown in color. Come before rainy season, and the ground will give strong hues of green. Either way, still a beautiful natural view to possess in between snack breaks.

Try using a fitness app if you run here then run around in loops in the pathway. See if you could form a panda in your running map. ?

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