Samal, Davao

Catching Sea Stars in Samal

During the wee hours of a sunny Sunday morning, a local took us to some magical islands in Samal. On board a boat big enough to accommodate a group of 10, a hammock, a table, and our family of eight, we enjoyed a whole day of chasing a relaxing sea, hopping from one isle to another.

The island was not our own when we got there but it’s not too crowded, either. We’re all here to do the same thing anyway — have fun in the water and be amazed by the beautiful view.

Here you could float all day, feel the powdery white sand slowly succumbing your feet, or notice how the puppies find joy by playing in the sand. From afar, you could spot some kids jumping from the boats, families gathering in the nipa huts having some chitchats — all creating an imagery of a perfect summer vacation.

Samal feels different from its city counterpart, Davao. Here, you will find a spot for relaxation, and at the same time, a spot for observing people proudly singing at the top of their lungs at 7 in the morning. In Davao, there’s peace and discipline, which you could see with the way people follow the rules.

Samal is a place to indulge yourself in a real Filipino summer — at the beach, with your loved ones, all eating delicious seafoods inside a breezy nipa hut. If you’re lucky, you’ll glance some sea stars, too.

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Samal, DavaoSamal, Davao Samal, DavaoSamal, DavaoSamal, DavaoSamal, DavaoP1070074 (1)Samal, DavaoSamal, DavaoSamal, Davao Samal, Davao


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