tasting sea urchin in mindoro

Tasting Sea Urchin

The sea endlessly gives, and to which we endlessly take. It is a place filled with a depth of uncertainty. However, one thing is for sure, sea urchin (Japanese name: Uni) are one of its many delights we are so happy to have tasted.

One morning, we were strolling along the beach of Tambaron when some fishermen greeted us and generously shared their catch of sea urchin with us. From afar, it looks like an odd ball of rambutan filled with spikes, only soaked in fresh sea water. Dissecting it open reveals its roe to be fresh, raw, and tasty. It looks like a sponge, has a texture like that of mussels and squid combined, with a taste of a place where Ursula resides.

It’s hard to explain but all I know is delicious is an understatement in describing the sea urchin. They say it also has a euphoria-inducing component that is similar to cannabis. Surely, I would love to go to the beach and have my uni fix again.

But really, how can something be poisonous and delicious at the same time?

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