baler sunset

Baler sunset

Baler has always been synonymous with waves and surfing, but rarely for its beautiful sunset.

We had only one day to tour Baler, hoping to hop on our car before nighttime to get back to Manila. Our morning has been filled with eating. Past lunch, we were already surfing. On the afternoon, we decided to walk past the long stretch of the beach and dug in deeper into the hidden streets beneath.

The bike we rented got broken midway while exploring the streets near the Circle Hostel so we had to go back. And then this view awaited us; we had a glimpse of Baler’s pink sky plus some coconut trees as a backdrop. I have never seen such a lovely pink sky like that before.

They say that a pink sky in the evening indicates a good weather the next day. So it must be a good option to stay the night. And we did. Just for one more day because how can you go wrong with a beautiful scenery like that? The moon was shining brightly that afternoon. The sky turned from light pink to a stronger hue of pink. There were clouds that looked like your favorite cotton candy.

Every detail was worth remembering.

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