Itbud Fiesta

Itbud Fiesta

Fiestas have a way of making me feel excited. It is something that feels familiar, yet also different in every place you visit.

One Friday afternoon, we were invited to attend a fiesta in Barrio Itbud. Located approximately one hour away from mainland Basco, we travelled south to see young boys and girls dancing to the tune of native songs in the plaza.

There, we walked the tiny streets of Itbud and observed the vibrance of the place. We also tried various Ivatan dishes and picked some Arius, a fruit-bearing tree endemic to Batanes which is said to be anti-cancer berries.

Everywhere we go, people would smile and greet us with “Dios”, and then welcome us to their homes and join them for lunch.

Warmth and love all around, and the sense of world without strangers, that’s what Ivatans are even on a daily basis.

Itbud Fiesta Itbud fiestaItbud Fiesta Itbud Fiesta

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