Loboc river cruise bohol

Loboc River Cruise

With the sun at its peak, a lunch in Bohol is well spent in Loboc River.

On board a cruise boat made of two smaller boats with a platform on top carrying the restaurant, the boat takes you on a one hour journey offering vistas of the serene river of Loboc up til the southern part of the island.

Hop on in and start lunch by feasting on the buffet made up of Filipino delicacies and sip tropical drinks like fresh coconut, orange juice, and iced tea. Also on board are singers, providing background music in every twist and turn.

Navigate your way past much smaller boats, spot kids swinging from the ropes tied on the coconut tree trunks (wave!), and some swimming on the sides, others hurrying to catch up with your boat.

Once in Busay waterfalls, where some floating rafts are, you will see a group of talented locals play with guitars, inviting guests to stop by and join the fun.

loboc river



Loboc River Cruise
Located in front of Loboc Church, Bohol, Philippines
Rate: Php 450 per head


TRIVIA: Loboc River is the film location of Cesar Montano’s directorial debut, Panaghoy Sa Suba (2004).

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