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When in Roxas, eat seafood

They say that you go to Roxas for seafood and you stay, well, for seafood. It’s true, I’d even love to go back and taste their delicacies once more.

Here, a plate full of fresh oysters are priced at Php 30, mussels at Php 40, and a stick of squid is at Php 60. They also have eel, shrimps, seaweeds, and name-it-I’m-pretty-sure-they-have-it. You can have it grilled, swimming in a hot sinigang soup, cooked ala adobo, or whichever way you want it.

What stood out among the rest is a group of slimy and weird looking shell fish that surprisingly squirts water like a toy gun. This is their prized local shellfish called Diwal (Angel wings clam, Php 100/plate) which almost became extinct in the 90s. Diwals usually measure from 3 to 5 inches, and are usually found in Barangays Cogon, Punta Cogon, Barra, and Libas.

Although the Diwal doesn’t look appetizing, once cooked with garlic and butter, its taste is something that will make you want to come back for more: delizioso!

Dubbed as the seafood capital of the Philippines, everything seafood is cheap in Roxas as compared to Manila.

Night life is best enjoyed by staying at a restaurant near the Baybay beach (or exactly at the Seafood court at People’s Park Plaza), with drinks on hand and some friends to keep you company.

They also serve BBQ, chicken, grilled liempo, and pork chops.

How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Roxas City, Capiz. Walk a few meters outside the airport and hail a tricycle going to Baybay Beach. Travel time is around 5 minutes.


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roxas capiz baybay beach seafood

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