Tibiao’s Secret: Kawa Hot Bath

Set on a cliff side looking out over Tibiao’s long stretch of river and towering mountains sits this mystical inn that offers to cook you, for a fee.

The recipe goes something like this: they will pour some water and leaves onto the kawa (in English, pot), toss in some dried coconut leaves underneath, start the fire, and then when the water starts to simmer, they will ask you to step inside as you’ll be the main ingredient. Stay still for one hour, and that’s it! You’re now as tender as a beef steak, ready to be devoured on.

Nope, kidding, they won’t eat you. But the process stays the same.

It sounds crazy but the strange experience has been successfully bringing Kayak Inn an influx of tourists (and even a noteworthy competition just within the neighborhood), since its conception in 1996.

As if poking fun at the idea that the province is a home to witches who use large pots to cook humans, these interesting items are originally used to process muscovado sugar from an abandoned sugar mill nearby. The kawa is made of thick cast iron, so you won’t have to worry about getting cooked as it won’t easily get hot once the fire is set.

At night, you could stay at one of Kayak Inn’s nipa huts without any electricity, only natural winds gushing and the sound of river lulling you to sleep.

Best time to go here is from September to February, where the river is usually high, perfect for kayaking. It’s also during these months wherein the fireflies aren’t too shy of showing you their light.

Reachable via a habal-habal (or single motorcycle), Kayak Inn is located in Brgy. Tuno, Tibiao, Antique.
kayak inn

How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Kalibo or Iloilo. There are buses that leave for Antique from these two jump off points. Travel time is 2-3 hours.


Contact Person

Shiela Endrico: 0905-906-2380

Edwin Endrico: 0930-127-5197

You may also book your stay in Kayak Inn HERE.

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