camel in residence inn tagaytay

That one time a camel befriended me in Tagaytay

camel in tagaytay

he likes me so much, he”kissed” my hair.

The first time I saw a camel, it was in Tagaytay, just a few hours away from my home in Manila.

Yes, there’s a camel in Tagaytay. No need to go to the desert of Dubai just to see one! Exciting, right?

The camel was alone and busy walking back and forth inside its cage. I decided to get a few inches closer, asked someone to take a picture, and poof, I felt a sudden poke in my head.

Well, I didn’t expect that. Who would, anyway?

I am prone to animals photobombing me but didn’t foresee that this camel would want to get close to me like this. Lol!

Weeks after the incident, I am still laughing at the thought of it. I was contemplating on posting it here but it’s a fun experience to share so why not. Heh.

One day, I googled “do camels love to bite people?” just to get an understanding of the mammal and it led me to a number of posts online.

From my research, I’ve learned that camels are an interesting and greatly misunderstood creatures.

Here are my findings:

From one post to another, it led me to a countless of facts and people sharing their experiences about camels. But there’s this one post that hits home:  camels bite things (or people) because they are thirsty. Which leads me to this:


Somehow, I find comfort knowing that I am not alone. These photos are funny as it is, but it looks like the camels are a really, really, really thirsty creature to do these.

Fast Facts

  •  In Arab cultures, the camel symbolizes patience, tolerance, and endurance.
  • The humps at the back of the camel stores fat, not water.
  • Camels smell off and it’s normal.
  • Camels can drink up to seven liters of water in a day.
  • Camels can close their nostrils against wind and sand when necessary.
  • Camels walk using both feet on the same side of its body together.



The camel can be found in the zoo of Residence Inn. The trip was sponsored, but all thoughts are my own.

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