Residence Inn Tagaytay

residence inn tagaytay

After our trip in Paradizoo, we proceeded to our home for the night, Residence Inn, but we didn’t rest just yet as there’s another attraction waiting for us there.

Located along Tagytay-Nasugbu highway, just behind a horseback riding park, is where another hidden adventure resides.

Residence Inn is a one of a kind accommodation that lets you experience educational and fun activities all in one place. Aside from zoo, they also have zipline and cable cars overlooking the Taal Volcano.

The ride is standard -with speed around 40 second at normal rate and the length shorter than you’d want it to be, the place is a good option if you want to avoid long line queues from other nearby zipline attractions.

Then, a few steps away from the rides is the zoo. There are various of animals available such as donkey, ram, monkeys, pony, and my new found friend, camel (more on that on another post)! What differs this from Paradizoo is the presence of tigers, snakes, rabbits, scorpion, fishes, and a pair of white lions.

The cages of these animals are small, not enough to walk on for these animals’ much needed exercise. Hopefully they would improve on that area.

What I liked best about the place is the view.

You can  just sit outside for hours and stare at the beauty of nature unfolding right before your eyes. The best spot for viewing is at their open dining area or at the small picnic place right below the venue hall.

At daytime, you will see a clear view of the volcano, the tiny-looking houses that surround it, and the vast forest filled with greens. However, it is in the the latter part of the day wherein the magic truly begins.

While we were watching a performance presented by the staff of the inn involving some dancing and magical tricks, the sky became a wonderful portrait, with lightnings appearing every now and then, as if the God of Thunder decided to show off. The view was magical; something you would rarely see in an urban place such as Manila so it’s really worth the while.

Now we go to the rooms. My room, Lion’s Den, was located inside the entrance hall, a few steps away from the pets residing in the aquariums. It’s spacious, bed is good for two to three, with sofa and cable TV included.


There’s also a hot and cold shower, toilet, and cabinets. The wall is plastered with tints of green wallpaper, and unfortunately the room needs a maintenance as it looks old and dirty. I even found the bed with a strand of hair underneath the blanket. On the other hand, the crew were all accommodating. I just wish the management will improve their facilities and cleaning services.

Overall, Residence Inn is a place to visit if you want an alternative to what Tagaytay usually offers. The place is also a good spot for photography –both for its natural and man made views.

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Residence Inn
Km. 65 Barrio Neogan, Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite, Philippines
Contact No.: +63 46 413 1376


Disclaimer: The stay at Residence Inn was sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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