Chaffles, Serving Sweets from the Heart

Here’s a proof that heartbreaks bring good things –without it, we wouldn’t have Chaffles today.

This month, Chaffles turns nine months old. It is still a baby among the many giant dessert stores, but it’s definitely one with a strong, beating heart.

It was in February this year when Charlene Cunanan decided to channel all her pain into creating something she loved, way even before all the heartache started.

Serving cake balls to friends and relatives since 2010, she fancied the idea of innovating it and selling it eventually.

“It [Chaffles] started as a hobby. I like being in the kitchen (both eating and cooking hahaha). The funny side of the origin of Chafflles is, I started it because I was heart broken. I need some real diversion from the pain and all that comes with having a broken heart,” she said.

Managing a business is not an easy path and Charlene sure knows this. As time went by, she became more busy supplying sweets to friends and participating as food concessionaire during the weekends while still maintaining her day job. Despite this, Charlene still considers it as a gift.

“It became a win-win situation. I forgot about the pain and found a new love, in the form of food,” she added.

Her specialty, the cruffle, is a hit among her customers. Cruffles are a fusion of crinkle and truffle. They are bite-sized goodness that comes in various flavors: peanut, white chocolate coating, dark chocolate, coffee roll, oreo, and cinnamon raisin (P100 for a box of 6, P180 for a box of 16, and P270 for a box of 24). The cruffles are small but compact and serves the right amount of sweetness and texture in every bite.

crinkles by chaffles

Another favorite from her patrons is the peanut crinkles (P100 for a box of 6), which is a crinkle sandwich with peanut butter spread and bits of peanuts dashed with sugar as a coat. The crinkles are not dry, nor too moist, not too crumbly, nor too sweet. Easily my favorite.


Have you tried your dose of Chaffles yet? Who knows, it might heal your broken heart as well. Me? For sure there will be next time, lots of it.

Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ out of 5 ❤️

Chaffles takes orders two to three days in advance for small batches and a week at minimum for big orders. For more info, you may visit their Facebook page.

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