Hindi Sila Tatanda (2014)

IMG_3907.JPGA group of friends take a trip to Zambales to verify the legend of a UFO sighting back in 1993. While there, they meet Romy, a local who is a little peculiar and Vic-vic, a mentally challenged houseboy who is fond of photography. This begins their quest for friendship, truth, aliens, and nothingness.

Hindi Sila Tatanda plays an interesting sci-fi concept, bringing UFO and “all that alien sh*t” on our characters plate but the plot tells more of their relationship, pushing the metaphysical element out of the picture.

The film provides an intriguing story marred by so-so performances. As the film slowly walks toward its supposed climax, disappointment peeks in as it threads on an entirely different direction.

The premise tiptoes around cliché possibilities and manages to veer away from it but the film never descends above its ambitions.

While it provides plenty of texture, it just retains a flat line when it comes to the storyline. There’s no tension, even the characters who could have saved the film turned out to be mere plot devices. But to dismiss it solely for these reasons won’t give it justice because the visual work and music is mesmerizing.

Also, the cast consisting of Kean Cipriano, Mara Lopez, Ketchup Eusebio, and Dawn Jimenez feels a little too old and too cool for their own good. It feels like they should be in their high school to college years (think #Y) but they all look and act way beyond those years.

Overall, the cinematography and musical scoring is a notch high but the film feels too uncertain about creating a solid narrative to leave an impression.

Rating: 3/10

Cinema One Originals runs from November 9-18, 2014 in selected theaters only.

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