5 Costume Party Inspirations: Local Movie Edition

Late preparations for the Halloween? Fret not, I got you covered!

Listed below are five local movie characters you can easily trade shoes with for tomorrow’s big event. Just a tip: don’t be too immersed with the character you’re portraying, especially for number five because it is scary. For real.

1) Anne Curtis in Blood Ransom

blood ransom

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Be a vampire, if you haven’t been yet.

Okay, two things: First, Blood Ransom is not a local film. It is an independent Hollywood film starring our very own Anne Curtis (and it’s now showing in a theater near you, by the way!) Why is it included here? Well, because it has Anne Curtis. Simple as that. Heh. Lastly, I know this idea is a cliché but hear me out on this: vampires are always “IN” especially during the Halloween. It’s an easy costume: just put on dark clothes, eyeliner, and blood stains on your mouth and you’re good to go. Give in to your blood thirst, even just for a night. You’ll never know, you might just find a victim willing to give their neck for you to bite into.

2. Kim Chiu in Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?


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Aside from a head full of curly (and frizzy?) hair, a big ribbon, and exaggerated eyebrows, layering is the key to achieving Sandeng (Kim Chiu) in Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo. Top it with a bubbly personality and people would surely guess who your icon is for the night.

3. Piolo Pascual in Starting Over Again


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Who would forget the anti-romcom film of Star Cinema this year? Piolo Pascual’s Marco is the epitome of a man getting back 10x better after a heartbreak. To pull this off, just wear a chef’s uniform and a bandana on the head and you’re all set. Maybe adding a little mole on the left part of your face will give more hint as to who you’re portraying so feel free to draw one with an eyeliner. Who knows? You might just meet your own Patty (Iza Calzado) in the party. Oh, that rhymed! Haha.

4. Lovi Poe and Paulo Avelino in Sana Dati


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This is an easy choice especially if you’ve been to a wedding recently. The option could work better if you’ll go to the party as a duo, a perfect copy of Sana Dati‘s Andrea and Dennis. Cinephiles will surely recognize this get up even from afar.

For the girl: white long dress, free flowing hair, and a confused look in the eyes. Also, don’t forget the blue flats! For the guy: a gray suit, a mysterious aura, and a video cam (probably a paper cut out placed on a cardboard will do because bringing a real video cam is not really a good idea if you plan to walk around hehe).

5. Sid Lucero in Norte, Hangganan Ng Kasaysayan


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The horrors I get just by looking at this photo of Fabian sends chills to my spine. Going to a party with blood stains on your face, body, and staring blankly into the horizon would scare everyone along your way, or at least those who have watched this Lav Diaz film which is our bet for Oscars next year. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you to watch out for local screenings. This is simply the best costume you could get this Halloween so wear it with attitude. A simple shirt and jeans could pull this off. Go on, walk the path paved with good intentions… and don’t show any guilt…


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