9 Ways to Maximize Eating at Buffets

It’s not everyday that we get to do binge eating but when the circumstance calls for it, we have to maximize it, right? Be it birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or any little big celebrations you may have, buffet is a good option. But are you getting your penny’s worth whenever you’re going at a buffet restaurant?

Worry not! Here are some tips to help you on your next smorgasbord event.

Invest on fresh fruits

1. Eat before you feast
Never let yourself starve prior to eating at a smorgasbord restaurant because this will only shrink your intestines. You won’t be able to eat as much as you want if you have a tiny stomach right? We don’t want that. And give at least four hours space before digging in. If possible, also take a dump prior to going to the resto.

2 Go during lunch and on a weekday
This combination is the cheapest you can avail of for a buffet. Weekend rates and dinner are more expensive so weekday lunch is the best option.

3. Try something new
Explore your options, if you don’t like what you got on your first try, you can easily go back and try another one.

4. Eat in small portions
Take note: greed is good in small servings. Sample on everything, little by little.

breads? no

Breads? Yay or Nay?

5. Focus on quality more than quantity
Aim at the more expensive ones to have your money’s worth. Feast on the meat, the fresh ones, and stay away from bread and liquid as they easily fill you up. Sodas in particular, make you feel bloated so drink sparingly if you can.

6. Stay alert
Keep an open eye when they refill so you can go and line up as early as you can, no need to wait for longer queues.

7. Kids eat for free
Most buffet restaurants nowadays offer their food for kids at little to no cost. Great way to save.

8. Go early, stay late
Nothing beats resting when you have all the food lined up waiting for you. Free your day, don’t squeeze eating buffet in between a meeting.

9. Take a break, have a chocolate
To regain your appetite after feeling full, eat a small piece of chocolate and in time you’ll be out there eating again. And isn’t that the goal of dining at buffets? 🙂

Now, dig in!


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