Is KFC’s Gangnam Chicken better than BonChon?

Chicken in the Philippines come in various offerings –crispy, roasted, baked, and glazed, you name it and we have it. Ask someone impromptu on what their favorite chicken is and they might just say a brand instead of name of the dish. Each commercial diner has their own distinct style of catering these chickens; KFC in particular, serves their original recipe with a twist.

In the midst of crunchy, juicy, and aromatic line of chicken in the market, KFC delivers their original recipe that lacks the crisp, though it still sells not just because of the affordable price but also due to the flavor in the soft skin packed with several combination of spices and an unlimited gravy to boot, perfect for creating your own rice soup.

The original recipe is no doubt, at par from all the other chicken dishes that KFC have offered. It is, to put it simply, perfection at an affordable price.

So when I’ve heard about the rave reviews from KFC’s latest offering –the Gangnam Chicken, as endorsed by teen star Kathryn Bernardo, I decided to give it a try.



The new KFC Gangnam Chicken. Is it “so good”?

With P99, you get one piece Korean style fried chicken, a cup of coleslaw, and a scoop of rice. Just toss in an extra P29 for the drink and you’re good to go.

In comparison to BonChon, you’ll get one piece chicken at P99, rice and drink included. No side dish but you can add a spicy mayo dip (+ P15) for your liking.


Bonchon or KFC?

For the price, they are relatively the same, having one thing that the other lacks. Not bad.

When the food arrived, the Gangnam chicken indeed looks like BonChon.

The skin is crunchy; you can feel the struggle upon slicing it with your spoon and fork. First bite will hint just the right amount of sweet and spicy, suited for every Filipino’s tastebuds.

When it comes to the consistency of the coating, it is reminiscent of Manang’s Chicken minus the sesame seeds. You can see the sauce dripping but not so much. Then the meat is not dry so it’s all good.


Manang’s version

What differs this from the bunch of BonChon inspired chicken dishes in the market is the fried rice made up of butter, onion chives, and garlic. Quite a risk to serve it with fried rice but it is surprisingly a good combination.

All in all, it’s a highly inspired BonChon dish with the KFC twist we’re all familiar with. I like BonChon’s glaze better but that is not to say that this is no good. It is good.

Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ out of 5 ❤️

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