Travel Guide: Tokyo-Osaka Japan

tokyo japan

going to the underground Ramen store in Shibuya

Got to Tokyo just as the sun was up and the climate was warm but I didn’t mind. The vibe is just different on this side of the planet. Everything moves fast, the locals rarely speak English, and they adore weird things. It’s so easy to get lost in it –the pool of people crossing Shibuya, the towering buildings of Akihabara, the quirky neighborhood of Shimokitazawa, the entire food floor in Ikebukuro –it will absorb and overwhelm you with its warmth.

Meanwhile in Osaka, it’s an entirely different case. The place is overflowing with three star Michelin restaurants and a Universal Studios theme park to boot. The place is a mix of old and new. If people are to be seen frequently walking in Tokyo, bikes are more prominent in Osaka. Either way, they are both engaging you to a healthy lifestyle.

In six days of staying there, Japan has become easily one of my favorite spots in the world. The country is a place that is difficult to leave. The modes of transportation, the locals who would often go out of their way to help, the parks filled with fuzzy dogs. It’s enchanting. Given the chance, I would go back to that place in a heartbeat.

How To Get To Japan

Via Plane. There’s no train or land system linking any country to Japan. Though I would love to experience the Japan-Korea Undersea Tunnel in this lifetime. That’d be fantastic!

Via Ferry. South Korea and China has ferries going to and from Japan.

What To Do In Japan

Tokyo Skytree

I look funny amidst all that mist in Tokyo Skytower


The list is endless but here’s some:

  • Sightseeing
  • Go to Shibuya Crossing and pose ala Scarlet in Lost in Translation (lol)
  • Food trip
  • Theme Parks (Disney Land, Disney Sea, Universal Studios, Fuji-Q…)
  • Visit Temples
  • Visit Nara park aka the bunny land
  • Go to Hiroshima Peace Memorial
  • Experience Ryokan, capsule hotels
  • Try the natural hot spring
  • Attend festivals
  • Take a picture with Hachiko
  • Try at least one game arcade
  • Take a peek at Pachinko parlors
  • Staycation in Tokyo or Osaka

Budget: Approximately 75-100 USD per day



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