One Perfect Day in USJ

The rays of sunshine are beaming through the paper windows, as if hushing “wake up, you’re late for your destination.” The clock ticks, it’s 40 minutes past 9 in the morning. I remember the night before, my sister and I decided  to wake up around 7 so we could go to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) early but sleep had become too much of a luxury we rarely afford on a regular day so…

Anyway, after many side trips in Tokyo, we’ve finally come to the main point of going to Osaka –the Universal Studios Japan (USJ)!

I’ve been to Universal Studios Singapore two years ago so I know only a little info about USJ, aside from the fact that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens on the day of our arrival in Tokyo.

So we fixed ourselves and prepared for the day long affair. From our home in Sakai-shi, we rode the train going to Nishikujo. When we stepped in the platform, we waited a few minutes then we saw the USJ train with Harry Potter print in it! I’ve never been more excited!

USJ Train

And now we’re here, finally! A bright and enchanting village of Osaka Universal City. When we stepped outside the train station, I first thought that it’s also a part of USJ park but turns out it’s different so it’s just a soft welcome haha!
Universal city

The takoyaki museum is located here in Universal City Walk. Other restos can also be spotted here.

We arrived early lunch time and stayed until night. I must say that the place looks good whether during the day or night but I prefer it better in the afternoon and at night as everything lits up.

Here’s a photo diary:




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