Yodobashi Akiba: A Techie’s Paradise

If you’re looking for a one stop shop for all your techie needs, the Yodobashi mall in the Akihabara district of Tokyo is a must visit.

20140823-191407-69247427.jpgThe nine-story megacomplex — featuring a gigantic adorable maid mascot — caters to jaw dropping line up of gadgets all piled up in just one building.

20140823-184431-67471341.jpgJust a few minutes walk from the east side of Akihabara station, photographers and techie enthusiasts will have a hard time leaving Yodobashi as it is full of items that would trigger your urge to splurge.

From cameras to mobile phones to home electronics such as washing machines, computers, television sets to otaku stuff, Akihabara seems to have it.

On this post, we will focus on cameras.

20140823-184047-67247954.jpgAre those GoPro? Yes!

20140823-184047-67247698.jpgDiana+, Fisheye, Action Sampler, Holga, and other cameras under the overly priced Lomography brand are available here as well.

20140823-184047-67247404.jpgPoint and shoot digicams? Check! And if we are to convert these to Philippine peso, those are cheap! That would cost approximately Php 4,200 or 100 USD.

20140823-184232-67352772.jpgToy cameras? Check! In the photo above are tiny digital el cheapo cams. I bought one that looks like a mini Holga in yellow, and the saleslady was very kind to assist me on testing the camera despite the language barrier.

Fujifilm Instax, who doesn’t know these polaroid-esque cameras? The price though is almost the same like the ones in Manila.

20140823-184815-67695407.jpgThey also have mini-booths for instant printing of photos, you just need to plug in your memory card or phone directly. Cables are provided! Also, they come cheap! Only 10-20 yen per transaction, depends on the machine you’ll choose. It functions in English so no worries. Isn’t it amazing?

20140823-184316-67396253.jpgThat Leica camera looks beautiful, yeah?

20140823-184316-67396475.jpgAnd now we go to films section.

20140823-184316-67396696.jpgIlford black and white films? These are divine for true blue film photographers. It’s actually hard to get these in Manila and they’re expensive.

20140823-184351-67431741.jpgAnd yes they have an entire rack of films! Just wow.

Of course it wouldn’t be complete without camera accessories.

So if you’re planning to go to Japan, you better not miss this spot, okay? Just bring a lot of self control. Heh.

Yodobashi Akiba
Store hours: 9:30am-10:00pm
Payment Methods: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express

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