Hokkaido Takoyaki in SM Makati

I have eaten here four times since it’s opening and so far, recommended four or more people to dine here. Their takoyakis are so good, you’d never want to keep it as a secret from the rest of the people.


Hokkaido Takoyaki is the newly opened takoyaki specialty store in the freshly rennovated supermarket of SM Makati. Located in the lower ground floor, it is lined up among other Asian food stores such as Gong Cha, Goldilocks, Goto Pinas, and The Chinese Kitchen, to name a few.

Whenever I go to a food floor, siomai would be my instant choice. But it has changed since I discovered this. So far, this is the best takoyaki for me, even better than the one located in Enchanted Kingdom. For some reason, it is reminiscent of the ones we tasted in Osaka. It uses a sweeter Okonomi Sauce with bits of Spring Onions, Nori (seaweed), Tenkatsu (dried fish) and Japanese Mayo on top. The Takoyaki is also bigger than usual so a 6-piece order is definitely enough to fill a hungry tummy.

They serve three flavors to choose from: Original (with octopus), Bacon & Cheese, and Kani & Mozzarella. It comes in three sizes: 6 pieces for P99, 9 pieces for P139, and 12 pieces for P179.

Also, keep in mind that takoyakis are best served hot. So strike while the takoyakis are hot!

I just hope that they keep the quality of the food and stay away from commercialized goods, it would only lessen the customers…

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