Cinemalaya 2014 Predictions

Here is my list of predictions in this year’s Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival. I was able to watch only six entries so this list will be based on that:

Bwaya 7/10 | Kasal 9/10 | 1st Ko Si 3rd 8.5/10
Sundalong Kanin 10/10 | Dagitab 10/10 | #Y 9.5/10

Audience Choice Award, New Breed Category:
“1st Ko Si 3rd” by Real Florido or “#Y” by Gino Santos

Audience Choice Award, Directors’ Showcase:
“Hustisya” by Joel Lamangan


Out of the five entries on this category, I’ve watched one and I’m positive that “Kasal” will take home two or more awards:

Best Cinematography
Mycko David, “Kasal”

Best Screenplay
Zig Dulay and Joselito Altarejos, “Kasal”

Best Actor
Arnold Reyes and Oliver Aquino, “Kasal”

Best Director
Joselito Altarejos, “Kasal”

Best Film


Best Original Score
WINNER: Mon Espia, “Dagitab”
COULD WIN: Jeff Hernandez and Mike Idioma, “1st Ko Si 3rd”

Best Editing
Benjamin Tolentino, “#Y”

Best Production Design
Fiel Zabat, “Sundalong Kanin”

Best Cinematography
Neil Daza, “Bwaya”

Best Screenplay
WINNER: Giancarlo Abrahan, “Dagitab”
COULD WIN: Jeff Stelton, “#Y”
PERSONAL CHOICE: Giancarlo Abrahan, “Dagitab”

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
WINNER: Art Acuña, “Sundalong Kanin”
COULD WIN: Dante Rivero, “1st Ko Si 3rd”
PERSONAL CHOICE: Kit Thompson, “#Y”

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
WINNER: Coleen Garcia, “#Y”
COULD WIN: Ruby Ruiz, “1st Ko Si 3rd”
PERSONAL CHOICE: Chynna Ortaleza, “#Y”

Best Performance by a Lead Actor
WINNER: Nonie Buencamino, “Dagitab”
COULD WIN: Boys of “Sundalong Kanin”
PERSONAL CHOICE: Elmo Magalona, “#Y”

Best Performance by a Lead Actress
WINNER: Eula Valdes, “Dagitab”
COULD WIN: Angeli Bayani, “Bwaya
PERSONAL CHOICE: Nova Villa, “1st Ko Si 3rd”

Recognition for Ensemble Acting
WINNER: The cast of “#Y”
COULD WIN: The cast of “Sundalong Kanin”

Best Film
WINNER: “Dagitab”
PERSONAL CHOICE: “Sundalong Kanin”

Best Director
WINNER: Giancarlo Abrahan, “Dagitab”
COULD WIN: Janice O’hara, “Sundalong Kanin”
PERSONAL CHOICE: Gino Santos, “#Y”

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