27 Things To Do In Japan

Here are some things to do based on our trip to Japan last July 2014 🙂


1. Go to Universal Studios. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is now open!


2. Ride the Shinkansen aka Bullet Train. It runs from 320 km/h and costs 14,990 yen one way from Tokyo to Osaka vice versa.


Is that a picture of a plane? Nope, it’s inside the Shinkansen. They look identical but the shinkansen have individual outlets where you can charge your devices. Isn’t it amazing? I’m in love with Japanese trains.


3)  Drop by a Pokemon Center. This one’s in Osaka, dubbed as the largest pokemon store in the world.


4) Eat dumplings! These are yummy and cheap dumplings found in Osaka. I think these are just 300 yen? We bought it as a set meal with warm noodle soup and Beef Misono with rice. All for 1100 yen. Sweet deal!


5) Try their street ice cream! This is the best tasting ice cream I’ve had, yet! Sesame Ice cream is divine! Costs 250 yen each.


6) If US has a one dollar store, Japan has their very own 100 yen store. Almost the same with Daiso and Don Quixote.

7) Check their technologically advanced restrooms! Don’t worry they now have English subs, just like in the movies. Lol.


8) Observe people. Need I say more? This should be a must in every place you visit.20140726-202016-73216969.jpg

9) Check the automatic doors of taxis!


10) See a live panda at Ueno Zoo, Tokyo.20140727-193430-70470855.jpg

11)  Visit the Sky Tower in Tokyo


12) Observe the right path. In Tokyo, you should keep left. In Osaka, keep right.


13) Notice the current fandom. A year after Frozen was released, Japan is still infected by the blockbuster Disney film.


14) Check their snacks!


15) The warm doesn’t bother the Japanese, anyway. Notice the mist set up in the heat prone areas!


16) Never ever leave Japan without checking their food department store. It’s an entire floor dedicated to food. Food. Food. FOOOD!


17) Check out the cute magazine covers.


18) Of course, try a legit ramen!


19) Visit Hachiko.


20. Try a purikura. It’s a photobooth where you can play dress up. Price is at 400 yen for three copies.

21. Check the skyline of Tokyo from the 45th floor of the Observational Deck. If the sky is clear, you can see Mt. Fuji as well.

22. Is it safe to drink water in the faucet? Japan says YES! We were really shocked and amazed as well with just how accessible water is to the Japanese community. It’s amazing!

23. Of course the trip to Japan would’t be complete without being literally lost in translation.

24. Then there’s the cute little details such as this one inside a magazine store.

25. While inside the HP world, of course we tried the butterbeer.

26. Then we tried some famous takoyaki in Osaka!

27. Rode a Steak Beer Bike which practically roams around the city while you’re eating. But we weren’t able to try it since the guy said it was chained that day. Sad. But cool concept!

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