Watch indie Filipino movies online –the legal way!

Tara Nood Tayo

Great news, film buffs! You can now watch indie Filipino movies online for a minimal fee.

Times are hard for the local indie movie industry. Films are produced with limited funds, limited time, and with little to no guarantee of showing in theaters. If lucky, they will be shown in selected cinemas for only a span of one (1) week; if it’s good and the market supports it, probably two (2) weeks. Sometimes if the film don’t sell much, it will be pulled out by the theater before it even hit the one week benchmark. Marketing is also hard and media exposure would be close to none. Basically, the market for indie films is very small.

But here comes a concept too ingenious to pass up. A website called Tara Nood Tayo (TNT) recently opens the window for local indie industry to a wider audience.

With TNT, one can watch and support the local indie cinema for just 1 USD / 43 PHP for a single day viewing.

To avail of the services, create an account and load up your credits via Paypal or Credit card. After which, you may begin purchasing films.

Currently there are 23 films available for viewing including previous Cinemalaya entries such as Jay, Endo, Mayohan, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, and one of last year’s Sineng Pambansa entry, Sonata.

*The author of this post is not, in any way, related to the creators of TNT.

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