Dropping by a real life Pokémon Center

Whenever I look back at my childhood, Pokémon (Pocket Monsters or Poketo Monsuta in Japanese) will always be a part of my memories. To an extent, I even practiced my drawing skills and the closest I could get was a sketch of Voltron, Diglet, and Togepi. I remember being proud about those achievements. Nostalgic. To me, Pokémon will never lose its charm.

So with my recent trip to Japan, a stopover to one of the Pokémon centers is of course included in my bucket list. Currently there are eight Pokémon centers in the country and the one I visited was in Osaka, which is dubbed as the largest Pokémon center in the world.

Located on the 13th floor of Daimaru Umeda Store in Osaka station, the center is a 10 minute walk using the Midosuji Minami (Midosuji-south) exit.

Admittedly, it is the ultimate gift store for avid Pokémon fans as it touches on your inner child. Here you can buy pokéballs, slippers, stuffed toys, trading cards, keychains, stamps, snacks, etc.

I went inside expecting to take home something but there’s no Togepi at the time we visited so I saved some money. Aside from that, I did not notice any of the animé’s human characters like Ash, Misty, Brock, Team Rocket, Professor Oak, Nurse Joy, and Officer Jenny. So, sorry fans of the aforementioned. I also didn’t notice any Jigglypuff, Psyduck nor Snorlax stuffed toys. Despite this, the trip to the Pokémon center was still fun!

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