Globe Text Scam

*beep beep*

“Someone texted me!”

I come running to see who is it and then I saw this:

globe text scamWhat? Really? Wait, what?

Reading the first part of the text made me feel hopeful (gullible mode: 10% activated) but then I checked the sender’s number which seems invalid since local Telecommunications company often use three or four digits. In my mind I’ve cursed him a lot; many times, even lifetimes –for trying to fool me not just with a Globe promo, but with a message full of errors as well. Then I got back to reality and cursed him continuously and proceeded to delete it.

I sighed.

And then I sent him this:

globe text scam game of thronesHell hath no fury, right Mr. Martin?

So next time, don’t play with my emotions okay??? Choose your battles wisely, man.

And Globe, can you do something about this? For the love of your subscribers who are on the brink of changing network provider due to these kind of instances, do something. First, take a look at my growing list of text spammers. They are increasing every day. I’m not even glad about it.

globe scam

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