How to Make Gourmet Tuyo

In my recent post, I featured gourmet tuyo in a pasta recipe. I found the 230 gram bottle available in the supermarket to be expensive for a price of Php 185, so I thought of making my own. Heh. The thrifty in me.

How to make Gourmet Tuyo (Dried Herring Fillet) in corn oil


250 grams tuyo (remove heads, scales, and bones if desired)

1/2 cup corn oil (olive oil is also a good substitute)

1/2 cup vinegar

4 cloves chopped garlic

1 tbsp. chopped red chili peppers


1 sterilized bottle



Fry tuyo in oil for easy removal of scales. When the scales start to come up from the skin, remove from pan and drain excess oil.

Tuyo dried herring fishUsing spoon and fork (or your fingers), carefully remove scales and bones of the fish.
gourmet tuyoIn a pan, saute garlic in olive oil until almost brown. Mix the chili. Add tuyo flakes. Do not stir as this may break the fish meat. Once done, set aside and transfer to the sterilized bottle container including the oil used for cooking. Add the vinegar. Let it sit for about a week under room temperature to allow flavors to blend.

gourmet tuyo

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