MMFF 2013 Animation: Ang Lalong ni Kulakog

20131227-211750.jpgAng Lalong ni Kulakog tells the story of Kulakog and his wife Tilmag who lives peacefully on a hill with their rooster, Lalong. One day, one view, one mouth, and it changes their life for eternity.

Kulakog is seen to be always sleeping at day. He only wakes up to help Tilmag to get food and water for them by using his special ability: his sexual organ grows long, so long that it’s enough to go from one hill to another. After that, he goes back to sleep again. Then at night, Kulakog goes to the forest to find food. He does this only at nighttime to prevent scaring the townsmen from his peculiar appearance.

But Lalong doesn’t know this as a rooster can only see during daytime. He is only awake when the sun is up. So with Lalong’s secluded perspective, conflict arises.

Told in Bicolano dialect but with English subtitles, the film showcases straightforward and simplistic animations married with creative and well-thought plot. It boasts with vibrant colors and optimistic storytelling, sharing an old familiar story of “do not judge a book by its cover.” However, the unpredictability of the film and the core values it represent makes this altogether a good animation meant for kids of all ages. The ending, no matter how simple it is, bears a moral value that gives a resounding impression.

Rating: 10/10

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