Old Manila’s secret


Situated inside one of Manila’s premier hotels, the Peninsula, Old Manila is a restaurant with intricate and majestic charm. I was at first hesitant to try it as it exudes a really expensive vibe but I’m excited at the same time.

When we stepped inside Old Manila, there were no other diners yet so we had the luxury of choosing the best spot. First few minutes left me observing the aura of the resto –the presence of a grilling station in the middle, the wine glasses, and a pile of spoons and forks all lined up on top of the white clothed table — everything come off as intimidating at first but the service tells it otherwise. The staff was courteous and professional and they attend to every question I have with much knowledge (and may I say, patience? heh).

I just came from work so my tummy was ready and it sent a signal to my brain to order what appears to have everything on it —the degustation menu. The serving took a while but it isn’t bothersome due to the several little main courses that were served in between. First there were breads served as appetizer. I was so hungry they needed to place another batch of breads in front of us! Then there’s the Amuse bouche which is a small complimentary appetizer.

The salmon and the foie gras both left an aftertaste, mostly visions of returning for another round. And the calamansi sorbet serves well on cleaning the palate.

Meanwhile the US Angus Ribeye steak was like a butter under a knife, it’s medium rare and I have no worries with the quality of it as it tasted really good.

Overall, it was an overwhelming experience especially with the price of our food (2 pax) –a whopping five digits! –but it was all worth it. I’m just not sure as to when I will be eating at this restaurant (or any fine dining restos, in that case) again. The experience is really expensive for a common Juan.

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