10 Reasons to Watch Catching Fire

May the odds be in your favor –again.

It has been a year since the worldwide release of The Hunger Games in theaters and  now that the wait for the sequel is finally over, here are some reasons about this book adaptation that would make you feel more excited for the third movie (which comes in two parts, by the way):

1) The new set of characters will make you question the plot and ponder if you should go to the nearest bookstore so you could read the third book immediately because waiting for the third movie, which will come out in a year is… TICK, TOCK, TICK, TOCK… toooo long!


2) The badass portrayal of these two:


Johanna and Finnick

3)  Peeta’s adorable, unconventional way of thinking and delivering lines:

love this moment! Catching Fire ♥

4) Effie’s wardrobe

If Effie had an instagram, it would probably look like Philippine fashion designer/socialite Tessa Prieto Valdez’s.

5) Cheese-fest


6) Lots of it13 2

7) The presence of this quote:

You could live a hundred lives and never deserve that boy. -Haymitch

8) A bit MORE of Gayle for this sequel

9) Jennifer Lawrence’s brilliant acting


This silent, cold, and frenzy close up scene that deserves an award

10) And her reaction in the elevator scene which was entirely different from her character, but still lovable and nowhere near being tagged as an acting flaw in the film:

11) Because listing 10 reasons isn’t enough –wait for the wedding gown

katttWait for itttttt

Just a piece of advice: if you haven’t read the book, better watch it alone or warn your friend/relative/special someone who has read the book to keep his mouth mum OR ELSE…


Photo Credits: Tumblr.com

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