Star Cinema Drinking Game

Over the years, Star Cinema has been producing most of the highest grossing Filipino films of all time. On average, the mainstream film outfit releases 10 films every year, all of which are geared toward a specific demographic –the masses. But in spite the booming market for this industry, the critics pose a statement that echoes for eternity: mainstream movies doesn’t have much depth or cinematic quality. All they have are blatant ads.

Star Cinema 20 Years

Whether watching Star Cinema films is just for fun or not, what’s a better way to judge it than to re-watch some of it while drinking with your Star Cinema loving pals? (If you have any, I’m lucky to have a few friends who share the same liking, lol don’t judge)

Thus, I propose the Star Cinema drinking game:

Drink whenever:

1) The movie title references a song.

ngayong nandito ka misstache star cinema

2) A product placement appears.

Kung Ikaw ay Isang Panaginip misstachePaolo?

3) A cheesy conversation happens inside the car.

misstache babe i love you star cinemaAng cute mo pala pag nakangiti ‘no?

4) Support cast includes Janus del Prado.

Janus Del Prado

Poy, tama na!

5) OR Joross Gamboa.

zoila and friends

SupLaida Magtalas VS Miggy Montemonyo

6) There’s a rain scene.


Patigilin mo’ng ulan!

7) Big revelations happen inside the car.

Close To You John Lloyd Bea

‘Pag sinabi ko ba sa’yo noong mahal kita sasabihin mo na mahal mo rin ako? OO!!

8) Male lead has family issues.

You complete me misstacheGrowing up I always thought I belong somewhere else. I couldn’t help but feel like I was… different. 

9) Female lead has good family ties.

kjDito [sa puso] masaya, pero dito [sa utak]… killjoy.

10) They make you think that the actors were talking to each other over the phone, only to reveal later on that they weren’t.

(c) jojoraz instagram

Oh, nakikita na kita!

Drink TWICE/ finish a whole glass if:

1) Male lead is John Lloyd Cruz.

John Lloyd Cruz


2) There’s a song (and dance) number.

3) Female lead has been paired with John Lloyd Cruz before.

24/7 in love misstache


4) Nanghihinayang by Jeremaiah was played in the movie. Yes.

5) Someone in your group quotes a line from the movie, with matching feelings.

6) Lead characters end up together.

Rent a mobile bar:

The moment Sarah Geronimo gets her first onscreen kiss.

Sarah Geronimo


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