She’s The One (2013)

In 1998, we have Bujoy (Jolina Magdangal) and Ned’s (Marvin Agustin) memorable parking lot confrontation scene in Labs Kita, Okey Ka Lang? In 2006, we’ve seen Marian (Bea Alonzo) drag Palits (John Lloyd Cruz) all the way from Manila to Cebu to Negros just to be with her ideal guy in Close To You. Then in 2010, who would forget Mae’s (Kim Chiu) “Shinota mo bespren mo” line to Bogs (Gerald Anderson) in Paano Na Kaya?
This 2013, what new does Star Cinema has to offer with She’s The One?

The movie follows the story of Cat (Bea Alonzo) and Wacky (Dingdong Dantes), two best friends in love with each other and both afraid of admitting it. One night they got drunk, a confession was whispered, and a kiss sealed a misunderstanding. This began their endless hiding of feelings through friendship, with Wacky making a heartfelt promise saying “I’ll be the one guy who won’t break up with you and you’ll be the one girl who won’t break up with me.”

From the start, Wacky made it clear that friendship lasts forever so to keep his best friend from getting hurt, they remained as such. But the underlying pain of not really getting the girl he loves resulted to him displaying a parade of girls in front of the one girl he ever needs, thus secretly hurting her more in the process.

True enough, She’s The One is a classic tale of best friend love story. It’s composed of a predictable plot, credible actors, dialogues that will become everybody’s relatable quote in a few more years, and an infusion of social networking sites usage to cope with the times. Technically, the only new this movie offers was the Dingdong-Bea love team and the emerging career of Enrique Gil. But the mainstream production still succeeded, nonetheless.

Coming from Dantes’ character himself, “basta pag-ibig, benta sa mga Pinoy.” And Star Cinema sure knows this, garnering more than Php 12 million on its first day.

Acting-wise, everyone did a great job. Bea Alonzo was charming, funny, and lovable as the 28 year old “girl in the rain.” Dingdong Dantes, who has acting awards from his two previous movies under Star Cinema showcased heart-pounding lines, you can hear a collective sad aww from the audience. Dingdong and Bea’s team up was surprisingly good. They have chemistry. Meanwhile Enrique Gil, being tagged as one of the country’s emerging leading men, did not disappoint as he threw mature lines in one of the movie’s most crucial phase, to think he’s only portraying a 20 year old. Alongside Gil was his supportive best friend Liza Soberano, whose situation resembles Alonzo’s. Then there’s Cat and Wacky’s friends who are a mixture of everything nice and not, also equally effective and entertaining. Everyone had a lasting impression, no matter how big or small their role is.

It was a good movie but I really wish Star Cinema could do a little effort on toning down on the advertisements. I’m only giving it a seven because it involves too many product placement that it has become eye sore at some point. I’d love to watch it again because there are really many things to love despite the cliché plot but I’d like to skip the aforementioned scenes.

Rating: 7/10

Watch the trailer HERE.

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