Not all steaks are created equal

While most steaks can be availed at an expensive price, there are some, maybe only a few, which are offered otherwise.

As a rule: any steak below Php 500 is cheap.

One eatery in Kamuning offers steak at an ambiance you wouldn’t expect: open air, no frills, and an easy access from EDSA. But it’s not an excuse to compensate with the taste. It’s even one perfect reason for people to spread the word about their place.


So one Sunday, we decided to go there to have our early dinner after hearing much abuzz about their steaks.

Snackaroo is a hole in the wall located in K-2nd St. corner Judge Jimenez St., just a few meters away from Kamuning Bakery.

They offer Filipino dishes such as Kaldereta, Pinapaitan, Bulalo, and Sisig to name a few.


But what this place is really famous for are their T-bone and Porterhouse steaks, each priced at Php 140, which are grilled to perfection right in front of you.


The place has a seating capacity of 68 (4 pax per table). Some say that it could get crowded sometimes, hence making the service a bit slow than usual. When we came at around 4 in the afternoon, there were many seats available but the service was still slow. I’m too excited to try their steak, I didn’t mind their service that time.


Here’s the menu:


We ordered Bulalo (Php 120). It doesn’t have the most delicious part of bulalo which is the bone marrow (a.k.a. source of high blood) but it’s a good soup to partner with the steak, we thought.


And then, of course, the reason why we came: the tempting T-Bone steak. Porterhouse wasn’t available that day so we only availed of the T-Bone.


The steak is about the size of my two hands placed side by side. Surprisingly, the meat was tender, juicy, and tasty. I’m a bit particular when it comes to taste, so if you want more spice, they have condiments on the side. You can also order rice (Php 15) and extra gravy (Php 10).

One order of steak is good enough for a hungry stomach. I almost even had a hard time finishing mine!

So, if you’re looking for a satisfying steak without sacrificing your budget, then Snackaroo is the place to be.

UPDATE: Went here a week after our first try, this time with my family and the service was REALLY BAD! The place was almost full as it’s dinner time but there were still some tables available inside. I saw a customer with a cigarette lit on his hand, so I asked the staff.. here’s how it went:

[scene 1]
Me: Smoking area po ba dyan sa loob?

Staff 1: Hindi po.

Me: Ah, eh bakit may naninigarilyo?

Staff 2: Hmm Hindi ko po alam bago lang po ako dito. *calls another staff*

Me: Meron pa po bang pwedeng upuan? good for 7?

Staff 3: Dito po sa loob, marami pa upuan.

Me: Yung walang naninigarilyo. Ayaw kasi namin.

Staff 3: Ay wala po puno na. Dito nalang po. Bakit bawal po ba manigarilyo?

Me: Hinde… Allergic kasi ko. *walks out irritated*

After a while, they called us again and asked us to be seated inside. They probably told the customer to stop smoking.

[scene 2]
Me: Ate pwede humingi ng sabaw?

Staff 1: sige po wait lang.

*we’re halfway eating our steaks but soup is still nowhere*

Me: Ate wala pa yung sabaw?

Staff 1: iniinit na po..

*we’re done eating, I’m tired and pissed*

Me: Billout na kami.

Staff 3: Ok sandali lang.

Me: bakit hindi na dumating yung sabaw namin? Tapos na kami kumain pero walang dumating. Akala ko ba iniinit na?

Staff 3: Wala naman pong bayad yung sabaw.


They should have plainly said “No,” instead of making us wait for nothing. I’ll never come back again. I’d rather buy steaks at the supermarket for my steak fix than get pissed with a service like this.

Judge Damian Jimenez St.
cor. K-2nd St., Kamuning,
Quezon City, Philippines

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