One Friday night in Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Ever wondered if it’s possible to eat gourmet on the street? At Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, they’ll give you just that!

Went here last night with my colleagues. The ambiance is reminiscent of a carinderia, the service was slow, but the food was excellent!


We arrived in Boni at the wee hours of the night, right after our shift. The place is full with both patrons and first timers like us, so we waited a bit just to be seated. While waiting, we browsed at their menu which boasts with affordable food such as Vigan Longganiza (Php 90), Pampanga Tocino (Php 90), and Eggs Benedict (Php 90), to name a few.

Price Range: Php 150/head


The first thing that caught my attention was their Tuyo with Kesong Puti (Php 90). Without second-guessing, I immediately ordered it. It’s dried fish, a Filipino can never go wrong with it! When it arrived, it was served with fried rice, scrambled egg and tomato with a bit of pesto sauce. The serving was generous but because it tasted so good, I fancied a to-go. This was our group’s favorite, one we’ll definitely go back to anytime!


Then, we had a cheaper version of iHop: Pancakes with Strawberry and Blueberry on top (Php 90). The pancakes were fluffy with a generous serving of syrup. Every slice and every bite screams of pure delight but since the place is not much conducive for eating, ants can be seen flocking your food so beware. There’s a competition going on.

We also had Spanish Sardines Tempura (Php 60) served with the typical oil base of the spanish sardines as a dip on the side. It was a unique serving, unexpectedly good.


For dessert, we had Deep Fried Cloud Nine (Php  50) which I shall tag as the sole non-winner of the night. The cloud nine was covered in a thick flour that looks like buchi/empanada but it feels dry and tastes too oily. Once you slice it open using a knife, you even have to look deeper for the actual cloud nine. On top was a drizzle of chocolate syrup for a nice touch. I didn’t like it because of too much tasteless flour. Desserts should be sweet and pleasing, not stressful, like this one.

But all in all, the Kanto freestyle experience was delightful that I’d definitely come back for more.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
San Joaquin st., Plainview, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Contact No.: (02) 400-2268
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