Insidious 2: A New Chapter of Scare

It has been twelve years since I’ve last set foot in the cinema to watch a horror film.* The first and supposedly the last was the Filipino horror Bahay Ni Lola. At a tender age, I grew up being afraid of supernaturals as I create more of them in my mind while I’m alone, just before I go to bed and even in my dreams. I feel really terrified of them coming from reel to real. So when my friends asked me, a countless of times recently to watch Insidious 2 in cinema, I declined.

A few hours before their scheduled screening, I saw an online review saying that the movie was only a so-so scare so I risked my peaceful nights for one memorable night of screaming and laughing with friends. I accepted to watch Insidious: Chapter 2.

And that has got to be one of my best last-minute decision ever.

There were five of us friends seated at the middle part of the theater, seems like a full house that Friday night. During the start of the film, I can hear nearby people mumbling at what seemed to be a blur about the film’s character references. I wasn’t able to watch the prequel movie so I couldn’t understand a thing they’re saying but I get the point of it all eventually, as the story progresses.

20130921-172701.jpg The sequel follows the Lambert family, whose son, Dalton (Ty Simpkins), has the ability to separate his soul from his body and traverse in a spirit world called The Further. While in this state, other spirits can possess him. Josh (Patrick Wilson), Dalton’s father, also has this ability but unfortunately, Josh’s was taken over by a bride in black who has haunted him since his childhood. The family, after realizing that it’s not the house they possess that keeps on haunting them, seeks help by having direct communication with ghost hunters to resolve the situation.

Until now while writing this entry, I still find it hard to relive the experience and write a review of the film.

I cried, pulled my hair out of frustration, covered my face with my hands, screamed at the top of my lungs, felt an ache in the lower back portion of my head, accidentally hit my friend due to shock –all of these while watching Insidious 2.

Moreover, the film directed by James Wan pulls off the usual “expect the unexpected” scare with the use of a beautiful architectural house design, regular household items, and a familiar nursery song such as Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

But more than the scare, what I loved about it was the beautiful weaving of a supernatural story portrayed by the equally engaging characters and a bit of comedy to lighten the burden of feeling scared. Elise (Lin Shaye) is one of the reasons why I love this film. Her curious nature, big bright eyes, and humor proved to be a big help in minimizing the air of darkness.

At some point, I find it hard to laugh at some parts due to the fast pace of the film and with fear lurking on me. But I also find it amusing that for a straight up horror movie like Insidious, this one is light and cheesy.

Wait till you see the kissing scene.

Rating: 9/10

*The Diplomat Hotel doesn’t count because it’s forced scare, read HERE why.

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