It’s ‘About Time’ for some real good escape

20130921-141628.jpgGo into a dark place, close your eyes, clench your fist, think of a moment you’re going into, and you’ll find yourself there.

It is not so often that we stumble upon a film that tackles love with a time traveling twist but here I find myself repeatedly having a wide grin on my face and water build up in my eyes.
20130921-141634.jpgSome days you want to relive forever… Some days you only want to live once.

The plot may sound sort of like a deja vu to some, primarily due to its lead actress Rachel McAdams starring in a similar theme in The Time Traveller’s Wife but About Time is a poignant film that touches on the idea of acceptance and letting go.

On set in London, Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) is a socially awkward 21 year old originally from Cornwall, who finds out over a talk with his father (Bill Nighy) on New Year that all men in his family can travel back in time. He uses this new found gift to change the course of his life for the better and one of his goals is: to get a girlfriend.

Starred by a relatively unknown redhead actor whom you’ll probably recognize in the Harry Potter films as one of the Weasley siblings, Gleeson turned out to be an effortless charmer. He has this undeniable chemistry with McAdams who was introduced as a Kate Moss fanatic sporting a newly-cut short fringe in a floral dress. They make an infectious couple, especially during their awkward first meetings. I just find it bothering how she gets sidelined as the story progresses but in turn, essentially gives way to the relationship of Gleeson and his father, which proves to be the core of the film’s theme –true love.

My favorite scene was the “My son… My dad” part. When I first saw it in the trailer, I find it funny but upon watching it in the theater, it opened me to vulnerability. The bond between the father and son is so touching. Ideally, I’d wish the same relationship for my future husband and son.

Everyday until yesterday is lost… Just like for everybody else.

Executed with a carefully chosen background music that makes you reminisce about the past, they featured Mr. Brightside, All The Things She Said, Push the Button, Dilemma, Friday I’m in Love, and How Long Will I Love You in the film. And then the trailer song Little Talks from the band Of Monsters and Men resonated an upbeat romantic discourse among lovers which suited the film perfectly. Check the album sampler HERE.

With the beautiful city of London as a backdrop, a colorful ensemble consisting of an Andy Warhol lookalike mom, a quirky sister, a mentally challenged but sweet uncle, and a hotheaded playwright family friend, this Richard Curtis film is radiantly engaging and heartwarming, it teaches an old familiar lesson of living life to the fullest, as if it was your last.

One scene stealer in the film was the portrayal of Tom Hollander as the bitter playwright Harry, first reluctant to house Tim. His uncanny delivery of angst and funny lines are such a remarkable thing to watch.

For two hours long, About Time is a feel good escapist film. Although there were times when it gets a little boring and trying to regain momentum with the usage of shaky camera technique, all these could be set aside as it’s a good film I could definitely go back to again and again just to watch, given the chance and ability like that of Tim.

Rating: 9.5/10

Watch the trailer HERE.

Photo credits: IMDB, Bleeding Cool, Collider, FanForum

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