Garth Vader peanut butter cupcake is too sweet

Rockwell’s 3rd Ultimate Taste Test

Filipinos love to cook. And Filipinos definitely love to eat, too. So an event promoting these two adornment of Filipinos will surely be a success not just to event organizers but to attendees as well.

Now on it’s third year, Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test has gathered 50 concessionaires and 1,000 attendees to an experience that everyone surely loved — being a food critic for a day!

My friend Chuck and I arrived at the Rockwell tent at around 2:30pm. We made a plan to try the main dishes first before delving into the tempting desserts but I got full immediately so I suggested we try some sweets on the side because I feel like if I don’t do it now, I’ll never have time for desserts anymore. So we did. And it was the best decision ever because most of my favorites turned out to be from the desserts section.

Here, I’ve listed down my top seven favorites. I based my choices mostly by their way of innovations or by simply being remarkable (either in taste or in presentation). Please feel free to leave a note for comments, suggestions, violent reactions, donations, love letters, and what-have-yous.

7. Coconut and Custard Macaroons by House of Macaroons
They said it was macaroons but when I took a bite, it was soft and not your usual dry macaroons. The taste is sweet but not overpowering and I loved that the layer below was made of custard! It complemented well. Kids would surely enjoy it. It unleashed the child in me, certainly.

6. Peanut Butter Oreo Dip by Cakeworks
My love for peanut butter is unwavering so every time I see the words peanut and butter, I get attracted easily. And when I tried this, it was a good surprise. The idea of mixing my two favorites resulted with an instant crowd-pleaser dip, one that is too good to pass up.

5. Salted Caramel by Jameson’s Gelato

An indulgence with only 1/3 of the calories of your regular ice cream. Jameson’s Gelato offers the salted caramel that has this rich and creamy caramel flavor highlighted by sweetness and crunchy texture of pecans. I loooooooove it! It’s a genuine gelato! Worth it!

4. Veggie Sisig Shawarma by The V Deli
A healthy sisig and shawarma all in one bite? How possible is that? Well, V Delicatessen offers a delectable treat that every sisig and shawarma lover would definitely rave –a good alternative to the usual cholesterol goodie. They stand true to their name by substituting mayonnaise with yoghurt. Now that’s a deal!

3. Basil and Morning Rush flavors by Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream


Ever wondered how an herb would taste if it was made into an ice cream? Wonder no more, Basil ice cream is here for you!

I tried a small scoop of Basil Ice cream and it’s so refreshing! I’ve never imagined an herb ice cream to taste THAT good. The Morning Rush flavor, on the other hand, had an interesting name that my friend Chuck and I thought it was named after the radio program but actually, it was named as such because of the ingredients coffee and bacon, both of which are usually eaten during morning and then rush, because of the sugar rush it causes.

2. Almond Ginger and Malunggay cookies by So-Made Green Baker


Let the malunggay cookie alone, I’m rooting for the almond ginger cookie which bursts with surprisingly pleasing flavors at first bite. Ginger isn’t my cup of tea but I liked it on this cookie. It’s probably the reason why I wasn’t able to really taste the malunggay because I’m so hung up on the exciting almond ginger cookie flavor that it never left my mind even after leaving the booth. Good news is I can order this one easily since their store is located only beside Pino Restaurant in Teacher’s Village, QC which is only a few jeepney rides away from us.

And then last but definitely not the least…

1. Truffled Tuna Crudo by Bite


I loved the simplicity of this appetizer that it tops my list of favorites. It’s so simple, I could do it at home but since they were the ones who introduced this to me, I’m giving them the credit. This is one food in the event that I came back for again and again. The people in the booth are so nice, they even welcomed us and offered more because they probably figured we love their treat so much. Hihi!



I believe this event has different offerings every year and maybe this year just scored more for the desserts. Or maybe I’m too full to have to try the best among the rest. But really, discovering new food is such a pleasant experience and I thank the organizers for executing an event like this, and of course my friend Chuck for accompanying me on this gluttonous and spontaneous trip.

My tummy smiles at me.

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