FATkidinside’s burger and buffalo wings

The first time I set foot in Tuguegarao, I noticed a restaurant whose name rings a bell– FATkidinside.

Is it a brainchild of the famous blogger Erwan Heussaff?

But why would he put up a business here, not in Manila?

Maybe Erwann came from Tuguegarao?

Or maybe it’s just a namesake?

All of these questions were answered only a day after our Palaui trip, when we came back to Tuguegarao to explore the nearby spots.

The word FAT in the title of the American-Filipino diner represents the initials of the owner Francis A. Torres, who happens to be the elder brother of my officemate, Huie.

Coincidentally, Huie was also there when we visited Tuguegarao so she told us a bit about their diner.

Nearing its first anniversary this December, the diner serves quality comfort food to both locals and tourists of the province. They offer burger, fries, spaghetti, and smoothies at an affordable price– a perfect excuse for when your tastebuds are craving for some city food.

Profusely decorated with minimal lightings and a combination of Western and Japanese influence in their dining tables, people from all walks of life could easily find a spot they’ll feel comfortable at upon dine-in.

✔ ✔ ✔
When I saw their menu, what instantly got my attention was their Buffalo Wings (Php 150), which Huie says is one of their bestsellers. It is made with perfectly fried thin skin-on wings which boasts the right amount of spice and an undertone of vinegar. I loved it to bones!

✔ ✔ ✔
And then I also got to taste the original FATkid burger (Php 150). It is composed of quarter pound patty, tomato, spam, bed of lettuce, sautéed mushroom, grilled cheese, onion, and crispy honey bacon bits. The secret lies in the tasty flavor of the patty that is grilled evenly on the sides and remains juicy still. After taking a bite, I’ve wondered why I haven’t liked burgers before and thankful that I didn’t pass up the opportunity to taste this delight.

All biases aside, I’m sure I won’t forget to drop by FATkidinside whenever I go to Tuguegarao just to try their burgers and wings, again. I just hope they’d expand and have a branch here in Manila just so I could taste their specialties over and over.

Will I order it next time?
✖ Meh
✔ Yeah
✔ ✔ Oh, yeah!
✔ ✔ ✔ Heck yeah!!!

#3 Pengue, Ruyu, Tuguegarao City,
Cagayan, Philippines
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*All photos except the first two are courtesy of FATkidinside. I wasn’t able to take decent photos because I ordered for to-go.

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