Palaui with a hint of Tuguegarao

It has been a whirlwind of decision-making on whether to push through with this trip or not. The desire was there, but the circumstances came as a hindrance.

According to news, Palaui will be closed to public from June to August this year because of the famous US reality TV show, Survivor, which will shoot its 26th and 27th seasons there.
Due to this, we were a bit doubtful if our scheduled flight to Tuguegarao will be affected because our main plan was to go to Palaui. But just recently we found out that the crew is done with the shoot and that the island has been opened to the public again starting Aug. 18. Yay!

But another unexpected thing happened: there’s a storm raging Manila and other parts of Luzon. Storm typhoon Maring has left most parts of Manila under state of calamity and it was going toward North.

A few days before our supposed Aug. 23 flight, two of our friends already backed out because they don’t want to risk it with the current weather situation. And since it was said that the storm was headed northwest not northeast where Palaui is, two of us, Jay and me, still pursued the flight plus another friend of ours, Nickie, opted to go with us last minute by going to Tuguegarao by land.

Armed with determination, adventurous spirit, and a prayer for a good weather, the land famous for having the warmest climate in the Philippines did not fail us. Tuguegarao greeted us with so much warmth that we’re thankful because there is almost little to no chance of rainfall.

Bonus is we went into the plane with the matinee idol, Jericho Rosales. So the fangirl inside me was activated. I was raging and smiling the whole time we were seated at the back row of the actor. I never felt the time passed. Hihi!


But moving on to the actual trip, everything went according to God’s will. He gave us a good weather, an accommodating boatman/tourguide, and a trip worth reminiscing. Turns out that the trust we invested for this trip was totally worth it.

Four more hours travel by land from Tuguegarao to San Vicente Port, then another three hours by boat going to Palaui island might sound tiring, and even though it somehow is, wait until you set your eyes on the view that will surely make you want to take a picture.

Pristine white sand beaches, crystal blue-green waters, green meadows, and a bountiful marine reserve — no wonder both locals and foreigners are tempted to experience this island located at the northern tip of mainland Luzon called Palaui.
Dubbed as one of the world’s top beaches by CNN, we’re excited to feel and taste the raw beauty Palaui is most famous for. And words can’t express how much beauty this island possess.

Read the itinerary HERE.

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