Fall Out Boy Live in Manila 2013

They say third time is a charm. And maybe, I just really got lucky this time around.

misstache fall out boy

Photo courtesy of PhilippineConcerts.com

Composed of Patrick Stump (vocals, guitar), Pete Wentz (bass, back up vocals), Joe Trohman (guitar, back up vocals), and Andy Hurley (drums, percussion), the Illinois formed band called Fall Out Boy broke out of the underground music industry and gained popularity worldwide in 2003 with the release of their Take This To Your Grave album where hit songs like Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy and Dead on Arrival came from.

Their first Manila concert was in 2007, next in 2009. Both of which, I wasn’t able to attend to despite wanting so bad. Why? Let’s just say that destiny didn’t let me.

And then the band went on an indefinite hiatus which truly broke my heart.

Will they still reunite?
Will they still be doing songs together?
Will there be a third concert in Manila?

I hope so.

Until February this year they announced their comeback, a release of their fifth album entitled Save Rock and Roll, plus a world tour, and a new single!


Photo via Tumblr

The comeback album is a mark of their fresh sound, Patrick’s amazing-as-ever power vocals, and new look channelling a more rocker aura this time. Gone were the days where this four-man band strings along the tags such as emo. They made a comeback to, like the album name suggests, save rock and roll. And they have come to prove just that.

Listening to their first single My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark made me euphoric, what more about hearing them coming to Manila the third time?

On the second quarter of 2013, the band confirmed their concert here in Manila. I saved up all my mushroom lives for this!!! Kidding aside, I can’t afford to miss the third time they visit here so voila, I bought the nearest seat I could afford: Upper A worth Php 3,700. It’s my first expensive concert ticket since I only usually buy Upper B or General Admission seats. But this one is special. It’s one of the few foreign bands I’ve been singing in my High School and College days!

So last night in Smart Araneta Coliseum even if I’m so hyped up to go to the venue, I made it a point to not be an early bird since my friend Angie and I availed of reserved seats that even if we come in a bit late, it’s okay.

It’s fantastic! No long queues, no traffic, no commotion outside the concert venue. Just pure bliss by heading straight to the entrance gates and being led to our seats by the usher.

Clock ticked at 8pm and the front act started singing. Local band, Typecast, famous for Should I be Sorry song entertained the crowd for 30 minutes with their very own repertoire.

The main event started at 9pm but just before Fall Out Boy went onstage, we saw some bouncers in the VIP Standing area, picking up a girl who fell unconscious. The crowd was pushing each other, probably due to excitement. It was that wild. Minutes after, the organizers asked the crowd in front to not push each other to avoid any casualty.

fall out boy setlist

Photo courtesy of PhilippineConcerts.com

The song line up consists of songs from the current and past albums. Although the 20 songs were more than enough already, not to mention most of their hits included, I still felt the urge to hear more, which is normal. I’m expecting Miss Missing You, Carpal Tunnel of Love, Me and You, and The Take Over, The Break’s Over. But I believe there would still be a next time. It won’t end here, especially with the crowd getting younger, no doubt this band will live longer.

Check my virtual playlist of the FOB setlist that night HERE.

It is shocking to see that majority of the audience was aged below 18! I was only 16 when I first heard Fall Out Boy’s Sugar We’re Going Down and was addicted to them ever since, but thinking about how these kids discovered FOB, at their tender age of 13 probably, it’s just incredible.

The fans must have found the cure to growing older.

misstache fall out boy

Me and my concert buddy, Angie

More than saving the music scene by creating new music together, I am grateful to be one of the many fans they truly saved from the agony of waiting.

misstache fall out boy

hello, araneta!

It was a night filled with dancing, singing, and screaming. By the end of the concert, I’m all sweaty and thirsty, as if I’m the one who held the event. Intense! Pete Wentz even went to the moshpit. I will never forget how the band appreciates the Filipino crowd, with Stump commenting that Manila is one of their favorite places to perform in, and Wentz quipping You guys are fucking amazing!

misstache fall out boy

Light it up!

Never mind if he curses, and if there were incredibly young people in the crowd, we love them!

misstache fall out boy

Photo via Fall Out Boy’s instagram

Here, the boys smiled with the Manila crowd. Unfortunately, someone (front left) fainted again upon this photo op. It was a really crazy intense crowd.

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