Siglo Antique Store

Five… ten… fifteen… twenty years from now, can you imagine your personal belongings being sold at an old rusty store somewhere in Manila? or in any antique shop around the globe?

In a time where fast paced technology drives product innovation, some people prefer new versus old while there are others who still have a soft spot for antiques and second hand rare to find items; ones who get giddy whenever they see old items. One example is the author of this blog. Heh.

Located at the heart of Tomas Morato, an antique shop called Siglo will make the kids and kids at heart happy unraveling treasures they would not expect to have.

How To Get There
From SM North Edsa, ride a jeepney going to Delta. From Delta, cross the overpass and ride a jeepney going to Tomas Morato. Wait until you get past the rotonda and to your left, look for landmarks such as Kozui green tea shop and East West Bank. In between these two green painted stores is where Siglo is.


Papa holding some LPs

Brief Background

Ever since grade school, the owner has already started collecting items. By the time he reached his forties, it has become clear that he wanted to be a dealer of antiques and collectibles due to his passion.

Aside from selling items that vary from old bottles of soft drinks, grandfather’s wall clock, wooden furniture, photos of old Manila, to name a few, they also buy, sell, collect, and trade memorabilia.


Vintage bottles everywhere!


Bowling fan?


I’m eying on that yellow fan


Call me, maybe?


jackstones, eh?










If you’re a Beatles fan, you’ll find a miniature setand a real life set of their musical instruments here. I also found a classic newsletter showcasing The Beatles mania! That one is a rare find so it is a bit expensive being tagged at Php 10,000.


All we need is love


Barya lang po sa umaga



For analog photographers out there!










Classic vinyl records, both working and for display purposes only, are also available in the shop. Price range for LPs: Php 50-200 /record.





Harmonica! Not sure if it’s still working, though.












Siglo Antiques & Collectibles
Contact No.: 4100241
258 Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Store hours: 10 AM – 7 PM

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