Filling Station Bar Cafe


If you happen to love classic movie memorabilia, then this place is for you.

Profusely decorated in a 50s-60s kitsch, every spot would leave you in awe and the desire to document everything.

Well, at least that’s the case for me.

How To Get There

From Makati Ave., turn to P. Burgos and drive past 7-11 convenience store. You can spot the bar on your left, right before Durban St.

Personal Experiences

The place came as a surprise to me . I haven’t been to the P. Burgos part of Makati before so while we’re finding our way to the Filling Station, we’ve noticed that we’re heading to what seemed to be a red light district. Eventually, my friends asked me as to how I discovered this place and oh boy, I did a lot of explaining. Haha!

A place like this wouldn’t take so much time to be known. People who go here would eventually be the walking advertisements through word of mouth.

There’s no parking place provided for customers but since there are many hotels within the vicinity, you can opt to park your car there for your convenience.


Meinard, Emman and Jake says Hi!

What To Expect

Aside from the usual burgers, fries, shakes and continental dishes such as steaks, pizza, and pasta, they also serve Filipino breakfast favorites like pancit canton, longganisa, and tocino.


The seats are specifically designed like those from vintage cars

Price Range: Php 300-500/head

The prices are a bit steep as compared to other diners since it was aimed at tourists who are within the vicinity.

  • Burgers & Sandwiches – Php 160 and up
  • Pasta – Php 220 and up
  • Pizza – Php 290 and up
  • Steaks, ribs & chops – Php 325 and up
  • Rice dishes – Php 290 and up
  • Desserts – Php 65 and up

We came in with all our tummies full so the only thing we availed of from this diner-style resto are desserts!


✔ ✔ Rock Baby Rock Php145
The brownies rocked my socks!


✔ Mango fridge cake Php115
Just like your regular mango ref cake but made special since it has a cherry on top


✔ ✔ ✔Brazo de Mercedes Php125
The winner of the night. The combination of cake and ice cream was a treat!

And here are more details of the bar cafe!


Flash without flash


Find the not-so hidden Spidey


Bicycles as ceiling decor. Not bad!


Gasoline poster and old vinyl records used as tissue holder. Nice.


A life-sized Elvis Presley is one good reason to go here


Bahala na si Batman

Must Try On Next Visit

We will try their burgers (and/or steaks!) and milkshakes next time. I heard their strawberry milkshakes taste really good! And maybe, we should get a few drinks on the side, too. Heh!




Vintage telephones are present in almost every table


A Filling Station isn’t complete without some gas dispensers, eh?

Will I order it next time?
✖ Meh
✔ Yeah
✔ ✔ Oh, yeah!
✔ ✔ ✔ Heck yeah!!!
Yeah: Ambiance, attentive staff, good food
Meh: Location

Filling Station Bar Cafe
5012 P. Burgos St.,
Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City, Philippines
Tel No. 8972053, 8995555

Open 24/7
Happy hour daily 2PM – 7PM
(On selected drinks)

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