Cupcakes by Sonja

Once upon a time, just a day before my birthday in 2011, someone gave me the best tasting cupcake ever. It was placed in a glass tupperware and was served chilled. First bite and I’m off to Neverland. Never coming back to the same old me.

It is a peanut butter cupcake with nutella filling topped with nutella butter cream frosting. Every bite I took make the butterflies in my stomach flutter. It almost made me cry! My friends know that I’m a fan of peanut butter and nutella so that birthday gift was really sweet!

And from that moment on, I was on search for the bakery that sells that cupcake. I wasn’t able to ask the giver on where he got the cupcake as I was mesmerized and truly indulged with the delight the cupcake (and his thought) has given me. I was so happy, I could not forget.


Then one day in the year 2012, I found Sonja’s in Serendra. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about it for quite some time then so I decided to try it. Browsing through their cupcakes, I saw one that got my attention. It looks like the one given to me on my birthday!

And alas, the search is over.

Back then, sources tell me that Peanut Butter Nutella (PBN) was priced only at Php65. I remember a time wherein I always go to their store and ask for PBN but there’s no available. I always go outside their store empty handed because it’s the only cupcake I want. I don’t want to try anything else. That’s how in love I am with the cupcake! haha! I even emailed them if they would still be baking PBN goodies and they told me that they were actually thinking if they should bring it back since the costing is now much expensive than before.

You can only imagine the heartbreak I got from the news.

But losing hope was not my cup of tea. Eventually, they contacted me again and told me that they were selling PBN cupcakes again but at a much higher price. From Php65 to Php 85 to the current price of Php95.


Ninuninu! Happiness in a few bites!

I’m willing to get it at a much higher price than nothing at all. It’s the experience that makes me happy. Every time!

Brief Background

“Son-YUH” or “Son-JA”?

Sonja is pronounced as Son-JA, with the emphasis on “J”. Sonja Ocampo, the brainchild of this dainty-inspired confectionery, says that her mother was named Sonia with an “I” and she was named after her as Sonja with a “J” meaning Junior, hence the pronunciation.

Starting out in Magnolia Bakery in New York, Sonja jumped from one place to another, all around the globe to conduct her cupcake study. Eventually in 2006, she opened up her first ever shop in Serendra, Taguig.

Cupcakes by Sonja doesn’t sell pure cupcakes only; they also have tarts, pies, cookies, and other goodies.


Indulge yourself. Sprinkle your life with joy that these cupcakes bring!


Serendra is not that accessible to me coming from the office. If I were to go to Serendra, one of the few reasons I’d be there will be Sonja’s. It’s a must visit place for me whenever I’m within the vicinity. But recently, I got a news that they opened a branch in Glorietta 2 bridgeway. Since then, I visit them everyday before I go home just to try different cupcakes.


Solid cupcake fan here, yes!

Showcasing a parade of enticing and mouthwatering cupcakes, these treats would leave you with minutes of dilemma, making a cupcake decision as hard as an answer in an art class. But like in any art class we’ve been through, there’s no right or wrong. And Sonja’s cupcakes are just like that.

Price Range: Php 65-120 per cupcake


Can’t help falling in love with this Elvis cupcake made of Oreo cookie crust, Reese’s chocolate bits, caramelized bananas and Peanut butter cream. It’s a bit messy to eat, though. But it’s worth it!


Peanut butter cake with nutella center, smothered with nutella butter cream frosting on top.
I’m a fan of peanut butter and I like this one best when it is refrigerated.


Chocolate cupcake topped with peanut butter frosting and grape jelly
There’s an after taste in the grape jelly, which I don’t like that much but aside from that, this cupcake is a winner


Vanilla cupcake smothered with tangy lemon frosting. I like citrus but on cupcakes, I like it better when they are sweet.


Pistachio flavored cupcake with berries and whipped cream on top. This treat is heavenly and will leave you wanting for more!


Milk choco hazelnut cream in a chocolate tart crust topped with dark chocolate. Good for chocolate lovers!


Moist valrhona chocolate cake with cream cheese


Banana cream with fresh banana slices and rum-flavored caramel in a cookie crumb crust topped with whipped cream


For special occasions

For orders, make sure you inform them at least a week before the event. They can make mini cupcakes (minimum of 12 pcs.) and giant cupcakes (price and size x 3 of a regular cupcake).


Cupcake glee with friends!
Meinard, Mich, Jeff, and Dave

Will I order it next time?
✔ ✔ Oh, yeah!
✔ ✔ ✔ Heck yeah!!!

Yeah: Location, warm staff, yummy cupcakes
Meh: So far, none

Cupcakes by Sonja
Contact No.: 0917-8453800
Branches: 1CO3 G/F Serendra Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila
2/F bridge way of Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Makati

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