Tres Kuleros Vinyl Record Shop

Last week, I’m on a mission to find a birthday gift for my dear friend Meinard, who recently joined the analog world. I wanted to give something that would put a big smile on his face. And so I’ve decides that yep, a classic vinyl record it is.

A Brief Background
First introduced in the 1890s, vinyl records still remain as an unexceptional medium now as compared to its successors such as cassette tapes and CDs. Analog out stands digital with regard to sound recording; having the ability to record every waveform, hence the accuracy. The downside, however, of analogs are damage due to specks of dust which can be heard in static and noise forms.

With every pop and surround sound each vinyl record brings off, who wouldn’t be mesmerized and fall back into the lovely arms of this analog music device? It gathers every sound wave present. And besides, with proper care and love, it will last forever! Who doesn’t want that? It’s something you can pass on from one generation to another.

Personal Experiences

After doing my research, which by the way produced a handful of interesting results (I will feature each, once I get to the place some day), specifically on a few hidden vinyl record shops in Manila, I’ve luckily found one shop that was easily accessible for me: Tres Kuleros in Mandaluyong.

How To Get There

From MRT Boni, I walked past Mcdonald’s and rode a jeepney heading to the city hall of Mandaluyong. When you reach Boni Ave., watch out for PSBank on the right side. Beside it is where you will find Skinline, a spa, and then NEXTFRAME, a video and photography shop. Located above NextFrame is the Tres Kuleros.

Don’t get fooled by the vibe that the store is closed because the shutter is down and it’s dark inside. Just say “open sesame” and the door will open.


“Open Sesame!”

No. Kidding! Just knock and they will welcome you.

Going upstairs, I was really excited to see an era preserved inside a room. Vintage things have always fascinated me and this mission is not just about finding a gift for Meinard, but also one for music and history points!


Found an LP of Juan Dela Cruz. A Filipino rock band who gained popularity in the 60s

Since I’m in a hurry to find a gift for Meinard, I texted Gon of Tres Kuleros first, to confirm if they have The Beatles record on hand before actually going to their place. And here it is! Glory in my hands!


Baby it’s YOU!

Introducing The Beatles is the first album released in the United States. It features hits like: Love Me Do, I Saw Her Standing There and Twist and Shout.

While classic artists are heavily featured in the store, there are also ones that came from my generation like Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Justin Timberlake, to name a few.


Gon playing the Beatles record

And of course, to make the experience more complete, especially for the ones who want to try the vibe in the oldies, second hand turntables are also available in the store.


Vinyl haven

Tres Kuleros also have some records on sale. They have a pile of party, disco, Japan, and techno artists that ranges from 50-100 pesos per LP. Not bad! Just make sure to have the records tested before buying because I’ve spotted some that have scratches and skips when played. But some just needs a little cleaning.

Tres Kuleros Records
Cel. No.: 09063682324
641 Boni Ave.
Mandaluyong City

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