kawa bath kayak inn

Tibiao’s Secret: Kawa Hot Bath

Set on a cliffside looking out over Tibiao’s long stretch of river and towering mountains sits this mystical inn that offers to cook you, for a fee. The…

dogs of aklan animal rescue and rehabilitation center

Volunteering at Aklan Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

Aklan Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (AARRC) serves as the home of more than 70 rescued dogs and cats. And for one night, it was my home, too….

pledge to save the earth! our ocean!

Join the campaign to save the ocean!

To think that we cannot make a difference is the most dangerous thing of all. Click To Tweet In line with the celebration of the Ocean’s month, the…


Care for the Elderly in ANAWIM Foundation

I’ve been wanting to visit a Home for The Aged facility for some time now but I have always been putting it on the shelf because I don’t know how to handle them in case I trigger something that might make them sad. But we know that it’s sadder not to visit them, right?

camel in residence inn tagaytay

That one time a camel befriended me in Tagaytay

The first time I saw a camel, it was in Tagaytay, just a few hours away from my home in Manila. Yes, there’s a camel in Tagaytay. No…

Residence Inn Tagaytay

After our trip in Paradizoo, we proceeded to our home for the night, Residence Inn, but we didn’t rest just yet as there’s another attraction waiting for us…

travel expo

Don’t Miss It: 3 Upcoming PH Travel Expos

Planning an itinerary might be dreadful to some (especially if you’re traveling with a big group!) so availing of services of a trusted travel agency like Shroff Travel…


Day Trip in Paradizoo

Tagaytay has always been one of my comfort places in case I want to getaway for a while. It’s a great place for my bulalo cravings, some peace…

casa alegria billiards

Casa Alegria: A Hideaway in Tagaytay

Tucked in the downward intestine-like highway leading to Talisay, away from the busy main streets of Tagaytay, is a well-kept secret I discovered recently –the one year old…